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Br. David "Manifests the Kingdom"

CiraManifest 02    Congratulations and a round of applause also goes out to our brother, David Cira, OFM Cap.,  on receiving the Manifesting the Kingdom Award from the Diocese of Pittsburgh for his 20 years of Service to Mercy Hospital (now "UPMC Mercy"). It all happened last week, September 24, as Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik honored members from serveral parishes in the Diocese for their outstanding service to the Church.  

     The Manifesting the Kingdom Award is given to lay women and men as well as Consecrated women and men who've "demonstrated the presence of Jesus in their lives and have participated in an exceptional service to the Church reflected in so many different ways in their lives, ministry and work." A number of the friars were on hand to honor David and to be present for awards presented to their own parishioners. Picture above are our friars Paul Kuppe, James Kurtz, Ward Stakem, our Provincial Minister Tom Betz, David Cira and Mark Carter.

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CIRA Certificate


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